Businesses Can Use Coupon Codes

You might think that the online coupon is an easy way of increasing conversions, but that’s not the case. Low discounts can have an adverse effect on a successful web business. Instead of using coupon codes to promote sales at checkout, business owners are finding other ways of leveraging discounts to build affiliate relations and track clients. Here are strategies used by young entrepreneurs that can boost your business.

Retargeting and cart abandonment strategy

Coupon codes are essential to an e-commerce start up if the business is in a competitive market. Business owners can use coupon codes wisely as part of their marketing strategy. They can start by retargeting with banners or emails for abandoning the shopping cart to entice shoppers back to their website. Nevertheless, avoid making discounted prices your sole value proposition.

Distribute coupon codes through partners

You can provide your partners with special discount offers that they can circulate to their audiences. You can set a quality based limit or a time-based deadline. You can also provide the offers with commissions based on sales so that they have a motivation to promote the offers.

Track and Measure ROI

Coupon codes are a great way of measuring and tracking ROI. You can use a different code for each ad outlet so that you get to see the number of sales that each campaign generated. With some bit of tech work, you can use the coupon codes to track down to the keyword of your search which is necessary for optimization.

Rewarding loyal Facebook fans

You can offer discounts and coupons to your fans on your Facebook page. Alternatively, you can choose to use third-party apps. You can also reward some of your most loyal fans on Facebook.

Encourage action

Use coupon codes or online discounts to offer discounts to the first buyers who purchase your products. This makes the other customers take quick action and move forward in making the purchasing decisions. A scarcity product encourages people who are on the fence to make the purchase.

Learn and customize

A lot of business make the sad mistake of using coupons to increase conversions. The most vital thing is to utilize them to learn about your customer’s behaviour along the way.


You can use the above strategies in boosting your business. Make use of the coupons and discounts to reward fans. And also to get customers to take quick actions in purchasing the products.