Pregnancy, birth and beyond

Childbirth can be a daunting experience, and no one is better placed to understand your needs than you.  The Brighton and Hove Maternity Services Liaison Committee has been set up specifically to understand these needs and where the current maternity services excel or fall short, it seeks to understand what should be continued, improved or stopped.

These are just some examples of information we can help with:

  • I have been told that I need to have a caesarean, but I don’t want one what options are there for me?
  • I have been told that I need to be induced on the due date but I would rather just let it happen naturally what can I do about this?
  • I want to have my baby at home, but I have been told that I need to come to hospital what are my rights?
  • What Maternity services are available in Brighton and Hove?
  • How do I feedback my maternity experiences (good or bad)?
  • How do i complain about my maternity experiences?
  • My baby wont breast feed, what am i doing wrong?
So if you are worried or have specific questions about your pregnancy, birth plans or early parenthood, whether you would like to know more about the choices available to you or you would like extra information about feeding your baby then please feel free to email us in confidence via the form on the ‘Contact us‘ page. pregnancy services brighton and hove, happy baby

We’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

Some useful websites in the meantime:
Supervisor of Midwives are specially trained midwives who can help you get the birth you want. You can ring the labour ward and ask to speak to the Supervisor of Midwives-on-call at any time. Check out for more information.  is a website from the midwives at the Royal Sussex County Hospital packed with information about giving birth at home or in hospital. is the UK’s largest parenting charity and has been providing information and support that focus on your needs as a parent for over 50 years. They are perfectly placed to help you to prepare for birth and early parenthood. is a great site for mother support for breastfeeding.

The aim is not to persuade you to choose home birth. Instead the intention is to provide information about home birth, for parents who think that it might be the right choice for them, and for health professionals looking for facts and ideas. is the national website about hypno-birthing – a revolutionary approach to labour and birth. is an on demand Birth TV Diaries online, with up to date information from a panel of experts on all aspects of pregnancy, labour and birth. is the official site for National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) about the sort of routine antenatal care for healthy pregnant women that you should expect from the NHS, care of women and their babies during labour,  and care of women and their babies in the first 6-8 weeks after birth. is the site for the Association for Improvements in Maternity Services (AIMS) is a consumer organisation that provides information on your choices for pregnancy, labour and birth.  is aUK list of experienced women who offers emotional and practical support to a woman and their partners before, during and after childbirth, aiming to enable a woman to have the most satisfying and empowered time that she can during pregnancy, birth and the early days as a new mum. is a site listing (unsurpringly), fully qualified Independent Midwives, who, in order to practice the midwife’s role to its fullest extent, have chosen to work in a self employed capacity, while supporting its aims and ideals of the NHS. The midwife’s role encompasses the care of women during pregnancy, birth and afterwards.  The Birth Trauma Association (BTA) supports all women who have had a traumatic birth experience. is a grass roots movement, spreading positivity about childbirth via a global network of free Positive Birth groups, linked up by social media. is a website set up to share positive childbirth experiences. is a UK charity dedicated to ending inequalities in child health. is the UK’s only organisation dedicated to improving women’s experience of pregnancy and childbirth by promoting respect for human rights. is the Breastfeeding Network (BfN) aims to be an independent source of support and information for breastfeeding women and those involved in their care. The Baby Friendly Initiative is a worldwide programme of the World Health Organization and UNICEF. It was established in 1992 to encourage maternity hospitals to implement the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding and to practise in accordance with the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes.