Birth Centre Updates

April 2016- We are so pleased that our petition has reached over 1000 signatures.

No news from the hospital, we are hoping to meet with the interim chief executive to understand the plan and present the petition to her in the next few weeks.

Please keep signing and sharing the petition!

March 2016- We have now met with Caroline Lucas and Peter Kyle, both of whom are keen to support us.

Sadly, we have had no further news from the hospital regarding when works will begin so we have decided the time has come for direct action.

We have set up a petition that you can sign here

We have also spoken to The Argus newspaper and they are going to run a story.

We hope by increasing the pressure, the trust’s board will act and work can finally begin.

September 2015- We are pleased to report that last week we, along with Gail Murphy (Chair of Mid Sussex MSLC)  met with Matthew Kershaw, Chief Executive of the Hospital trust, Emma Luhr Head of Midwifery and Hannah Tompsett Directorate Manager to discuss the plans for moving forward.

Planned work that needs to be completed in order to free up the space for the Unit within the hospital has been delayed, however, it is expected that this will happen over the next few months and work for the birth centre will hopefully begin in the new financial year.

The team at the hospital are fully committed to the Midwife led unit and while the actual physical work may still be some way off, all the planning work that can be done beforehand is being considered.

We as MSLC will continue to push this forward and keep up the pressure on the trust to ensure that women in our area have the option to give birth in this non clinical environment.

As soon as we have any more news, we will let you know!

December 2015 – Following our November meeting we have been informed that there is still no further information regarding when the work for the unit will begin, a decision was made that we will contact the MP’s for the area for their input. We have arranged a meeting with Caroline Lucas MP for BrightonPavilion in early January. We have contacted Simon Kirby MP for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven who has responded to say that he can not meet with us but has raised our concerns with the Chief Executive’s Office of Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. We have also contacted Peter Kyle MP for Hove and Portslade who we are yet to hear back from.

We will update following our meeting with Caroline Lucas.


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