Good news ! Midwife numbers set in rise in Brighton and Hove.

At our MSLC meeting on Monday, the Head of Midwifery for Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust (BSUH) announced the approval of funding for 15 full time midwives: half now and half by April 2013. With interviews taking place this week, we should see an improvement in staffing numbers within the month.

She also talked about the plans for a new improved home birth service, staffed 24/7 by dedicated community midwives. BSUH have set a target: they want to see 10% of all births in our area taking place at home (we are currently at 4%, down from 7% two years ago).

A full refurbishment of the maternity unit of Levels 12 and 13 is also scheduled, with improved en suite facilities to support normal birth for all women, even those deemed high risk. The commitment to the Birth Centre is as strong as ever.

So much good news from one meeting is difficult to absorb. Following years of sustained user pressure and a good twelve months of serious planning from the senior midwifery team, it looks like Brighton and Hove’s maternity services are about to move into the 21st century. Well done to all involved.

But we are not there yet. Brighton and Hove MSLC will keep the pressure on…and keep you informed !




3 thoughts on “Good news ! Midwife numbers set in rise in Brighton and Hove.

  1. A midwife says:

    I love the way evryone else knows more about what’s going on than the actual midwives who work for the trust! Sounds like good news though. Have not heard anything about the mythical birth centre for months. I thought it had sunk without a trace.
    A Brighton Midwife

    • Thanks for your comment Brighton Midwife ! We were under the impression on Monday that a letter had been sent out to team leaders to forward onto all staff with these updates – but obviously not. As user reps, we just assume we’re the last to know about any changes, but this is seemingly not the case. Its so sad when there are midwives working so hard on the front line who feel like you do. I will pass your comment onto the senior management team – hopefully it will make a difference to levels of communication ! Thanks again, Hannah (user rep and chair of MSLC).

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