I’ve become a tardy blogger !

My last blog as MSLC chair was – oh no ! – the end of March. Such tardiness is inexclusable. But then I realise – in these last six weeks, I’ve been in meeting after meeting with MSLC members discussing the current situation with maternity services in Brighton and Hove (staffing issues continue, home birth rates falling but so at last is c-section). There have also been numerous meetings around the bigger Sussex -wide picture (we need a birth centre !!!). Each meeting throws up a bigger to-do list, more issues to tackle. With so much on the MSLC plate, I’m currently collating a list of priorities for the next twelve months. If you live in Brighton and Hove, let me know what your priorities are.  If you’re outside our area, what would your priorities be for improving your local maternity services ? Email me directly on hannah@sherlockassociates.com or post a comment here.


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