Eleven reasons why we love ‘Call the Midwife’…

…because we see women giving birth in their own way, fully supported in their own homes – with all the human drama that brings.

…because the women are active participants in their own childbirth experiences – pushing themselves to the limit and rewarded with a beautiful baby.

…because it celebrates time honoured true midwifery skills that are unique and, in some countries, extremely rare.

…because it normalises normal birth on mainstream TV.

…because we are reminded how lucky we are to have modern obstetrics on standby – if required.

…because we are reminded of the vital importance of legal abortion and decent birth control for women’s health.

…because we see the doctors respecting the work of the midwife and the innate ability of women to give birth themselves.

…because, as the doctor said in episode 2, a good midwife ‘makes a woman feel safe….the rest is just mechanics’.

…because Miranda Hart is a BIRD !!! (Chummy and the Mother working together to birth a breech baby was awe inspiring telly).

…because it makes you feel proud to be a woman and proud of the wonderful midwives we have in the UK and around the world.

…because women need midwives need women.

The tabloids love it too….




What do you think ? We’d love your comments here.


3 thoughts on “Eleven reasons why we love ‘Call the Midwife’…

  1. Kylie says:

    Can i add something to your list ? The midwives in the series were also known and trusted by the women in their care. There is a currently a campaign running to make this happen for women now – look out for Neighbourhood Midwives.

  2. Jolanda Corbijn says:

    I am happy I did not get in to midwifery training. I am looking forward to become a DOULA which will enable me to spend more time with my clients and get to know them and they get to know me. I will be able to facilitate the birth they desire and help them to find information to make informed decisions and be more personally involved with my clients. I love call the midwifes.

  3. Lynn Moore says:

    I was lucky enough to have two normal births, at home, forty years ago with the support of my husband. The midwives were competent and experienced; and in the second case, a wonderful strength, who let me get on and give birth in the way I wanted and needed to do, and who was a quiet and reassuring presence, keeping an eye on my safety and that of my baby. I was able to have excellent preparation via the NCT, learning a pattern of graduated breathing, together with effective relaxation, which meant that the second birth was truly painless – hard work and concentration but honesty, no pain! All power to everyone who is working to help women have this kind of experience today.

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