Happy New Year from Brighton and Hove MSLC

We’ve dived straight back in after Christmas.

I’ve written an article for the Spring issue of the NCT magazine Perspective about the new NICE recommendations around supporting women who choose caesarean section (watch this space for a link).

The NHS commissioners called a meeting about our strategy at the MSLC for 2012-13. They are so supportive of our plans (we’re going to start a bi-monthly ‘Walk the Patch’ around the post natal ward to capture feedback and birth stories from new parents).

We were invited to attend the monthly Protocols/Audit meeting at the Royal Sussex County Hospital and input into the content of some of the hospital guidelines  (a real behind-the-scenes insight into the lengthy discussions that go on).

I’ve been at a meeting about defining a pathway of antenatal and postnatal care for women with mental health issues (a brilliant initiative from the commissioners, midwives and doctors – all working together).

Then there was the annual audit with the Lead Supervisory Authority (LSA) midwife to which the MSLC chairs from Brighton and Hove and Mid Sussex were invited (we had a lovely day, hearing about the plans for the service and listening to (mostly positive) feedback from new mums and dads).

Other plans for this year – the MSLC will input into a re-design of the Induction of Labour leaflet (our goal is to ensure the full range of choice for women is explained); we want to extend our database of Parent Reps to all areas of the city; And we’ll continue campaigning around the issues covered by our four other work areas: Normalising Birth ; Improving Antenatal Education ; Improving Postnatal Care ; A midwife led unit for Brighton and Sussex.

Here’s to a busy and rewarding 2012 !

Hannah (MSLC chair)


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