Birthplace study findings

The findings of the Birthplace study are published in the press this morning.

The birth records of 64500+ women were studied and the researchers found that giving birth at home or in a midwife lead unit (MLU) is as safe as hospital birth – if not a little bit safer – for babies of second time mums.

For first time mums with healthy pregnancies, the study shows, the risks to babies born at home or MLU birth are very low – and on a par with the safety of hospital birth – although this study showed that for some babies of first time mums, hospital birth was very slightly safer.

The report also finds that choosing home or birth centre birth dramatically reduces the chance of Caesarean – 11% of women whose care began in hospital had a Caesarean compared with 2.8% of those who began at home (and I presume an MLU ? Will found out).

The Guardian reports that the study conclusion is women with low risk pregnancies should be supported in their choice of place of birth.

Questions so far – So what about choice so called high risk women ? Have they included unplanned home birth ?

I’m on my way to the Birthplace conference this morning so will let you know more detail as I get it.

If you have any questions you’d like me to ask, text me on 07778 742704.

Hannah x


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