The Argus reports on home birth

The Argus reports on local home birth rates:

Its a shame the journalist hasn’t seen the rate rise for October (above 5% for the first time since April) – but its sad to see the comments below the article around women losing faith in the homebirth service. We need to remind ourselves – especially with all current press coverage around Caesarean – that birthing at home is a safe option for most women and their babies, with low intervention rates and high birth satisfaction. We can’t afford to go back to the dark days were women in Brighton were frequently told that they may have to abandon their homebirth because of staffing levels. I’m sure you’ll all agree that providing a robust home birth service needs to remain a priority for the Royal Sussex – and as an MSLC, we need some reassurance that this is the case. It’ll be on the agenda for the next meeting.

On Friday, I’m attending a conference where the findings of the Birthplace study will be announced.

Follow the MSLC on twitter – or ‘like’ the facebook page – for an update from me on the findings.

Hannah x


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