Emergency Caesarean Section rates plummet

For the first time since December 2002, the emergency Caesarean section rate at the Royal Sussex County Hospital has dipped below 10%. This is fantastic news ! Emergency C-Section rates have been steadily rising over the last decade, peaking at 25% in April 2009. Back then, this meant that (once the home birth, instrumental delivery and planned C-Section numbers were accounted for) a woman going into the Royal Sussex to have her baby naturally was more likely to give birth surgically than have a normal vaginal birth. But now, thanks to the hard work of the midwifery and obstetric teams – and local parents who have campaigned for change – normal birth is once again the norm. Well done to all concerned and let’s hope this trend continues.


2 thoughts on “Emergency Caesarean Section rates plummet

  1. Brilliant news! Such an inspiration! Would be good to find out more about how this has been acheived so we could present some suggestions to our MSLC. Our PCT seems to be struggling to increase the normal birth rate and could do with some encouragement like this.

  2. Hi Claire. Brighton followed a programme set up by the South East Coast Strategic Health Authority called ‘Normalising Birth’. It involved midwives and obstetricians at each Trust in the patch working together to recognise the needs of labouring women – pushing the beds to the wall, providing equipment in each birthing room, having more confidence to suggest using the pool for pain relief etc. Send me your email address (via the Contact Us’ page and i’ll send you over a leaflet that was distributed amongst the staff. Also have a look at this for more info: http://www.southeastcoast.nhs.uk/Our%20Work/Normailising-Birth.htm
    Lets hope it continues ! Best wishes, Hannah

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