The June MSLC Parents’ Group

Thanks to all the lovely mums who came to the MSLC Parents’ Group this week with your feedback, comments and views about Brighton and Hove maternity services. Two Parent Reps talked about their recent home birth stories (Tracey had her lovely daughter Serena at home after a two hour labour. Una gave birth to beautiful baby Vern at the end of last year – a home birth after C-section). We talked about how vulnerable and sensitive new Mums (and Dads) are – one wrong word can upset us for days or even years, yet a well chosen compliment can keep us going indefinitely. We discussed the discrepancies around breastfeeding advise for new Mums. We looked at the new MSLC postcard and amended the wording and layout (look out for it !). We also discussed the contents of the brown ‘discharge’ envelope and whether the wording could be changed to speak to home-birthers. Finally  we talked about the next MSLC committee meeting, the order of the agenda and who could make it. Then we had lunch. Yum. And a cuppa.


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