Hypno-birthing – the new water birth ?

Not so long ago, giving birth in water was seen as a radical choice. It was unusual for NHS maternity services to offer labouring women the option of a water birth. Then studies were done and we began to hear of the benefits of water for a more relaxed enjoyable labour. Now most units in the UK have at least one birthing pool.

So could hypno-birthing become the new water birth ?

Hypno-birthing is a form of relaxation, focus and breathing, practised in pregnancy and during labour. The evidence suggests that women who choose hypno-birthing are more likely to experience rewarding labours, with fewer interventions and less pain. The NHS announced earlier this year that it was conducting a study in the North West to test the effectiveness of hypno-birthing:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-12480367

And most importantly, hypno-birthing receives the celebrity thumbs up – from Jessica Alba.


Go Jessica !


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