Gestational Diabetes – what is it ?

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is a condition some women develop in pregnancy that can affect the way the baby grows. diabetes/What_is_diabetes/Gestational_diabetes/

In the Brighton and Hove area, all women are given the choice to be tested for GDM and the results can affect our birth options. A GDM diagnosis also increases the need to regularly attend the antenatal clinic at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

We’ve just heard from a parent who was diagnosed with GDM. She was pleased with the care she received during her pregnancy, labour and birth but was unhappy with the long waiting times at the antenatal clinic. Has this been anyone else’s experience ? Use the ‘Contact Us’ page to let us know . Or maybe you’ve been diagnosed with GDM and would like a homebirth ? Use the ‘Contact Us’ page and we’ll put you in touch with a midwife to talk through your options.


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